Dentures for Juan


Juan Garcia needs your help! He joined our program at the MRM CLINIC in 2014,
where he continues to be part of today.
In the past, Juan was presenting dental issues for many years and in 2015, he finally
started to receive dentistry treatment, getting some of his teeth extracted but still needs
many more teeth extracted and a full denture. As a result, Juan is toothless, and he
needs your help!
Dentures total cost — $1,200.00
Dentures fund raise — $850.00 money to be raised for dentures
Please help us raise money today to help Juan get a dental implant so he can eat
better each meal and smile with confidence again.
“Teeth are a necessity! Without them, I can’t eat properly.
I’ve been suffering for being toothless for 3 years now.
I would like to thank the MRM Clinic, who has always assisted me when I have needed
help the most and thank you to the people who would want to help me have teeth

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